About us

Our core values

Clean Water. Clean Life.

A home to Ideate, Nurture and Translate disruptive technologies for clean water in a sustainable fashion.

An initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), ICCW began its journey in 2018. Located in the IITM Research Park, Chennai, India, we are a team of enterprising water professionals connecting industry with academia, working towards creating water professionals of tomorrow.

ICCW offers world class infrastructure for water research, water quality analysis, product development, incubation and pilot production. We also offer consultancy, training and implementation support to emerging technologies.. We are open to working with any organisation or a consortium of organisations to provide affordable and sustainable clean water solutions.

What We Do:
  • Bring scientists worldwide under one roof
  • Develop integrated water research, nurture technologies and incubate firms
  • Build a network of academia, industry, charitable foundations and social impact organisations
  • Ensure access to safe water to the poor and vulnerable in India
  • Train water professionals and promote water sustainability approaches

Caption: from L to R Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Deepak Parekh, T Pradeep

iccw story

Water is change. It transforms economies. It changes societies. It rejuvenates people. Water is world. The International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW) is realisation of these maxims. It is a dream to ensure clean water for everyone. A dream where the young generation builds careers on water.

Our Engagement Models

Water problems require in-depth understanding, sharp research, cutting-edge technologies and planned implementation. ICCW’s engagement models evolve around these principles.