Biology Lab

Biology lab conducts biological and structural analysis of microbes like bacteria and viruses along with isolation of metabolites. It tests for the microbial contamination in water bodies, measurement of biological contamination, metabolites and cell bodies inclusion separation, culture and subculture of virus, bacteria, fungi and nematodes. It also stores stock of microbes analyzed. The analysis is carried out by laminar airflow, water bath, incubator with shaker, low-temperature freezer and ultra-low temperature freezer, magnetic stirrer, microwave oven, autoclave, compound microscope, normal centrifuge and ultracentrifuge.

Biology 1

Microcentrifuges provide outstanding processing power, unique safety features and a broad array of microcentrifuge rotors and accessories for microcentrifuge tube processing, with refrigeration available

Ultra Freezer
Biology 2

Ultra low temperature freezer is hydrocarbon-based refrigerants which is very much energy efficient which reduces energy consumption by 1000 of Kilowatts can cool up to -86 degree celsius and it is password protected.

Incubator with shaker
Biology 3

Closed incubator and shaker are typically designed to suit researchers application demands in microbiological culture with rotatory as well as temperature control.

Compound microscope
Biology 4

The biological microscope is typically designed to suit researchers’ application demands in magnification for watching the microbial slides with three different magnifications.

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