Theme: Sustainable Water Management

November 22, 2019

3:00 pm-4:30 pm

Speaker: Dr Indukanth Ragade
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Moderator: Mr Sripati Cowlagi

Venue: Fountainhead, ICCW

At the outset, Dr Indukanth Ragade warns you he pitches for ‘low technology – without compromising efficiency and with minimal human involvement’ in the process of becoming self-reliant in water.

He is guilty of making unconventional statements, and is open to challenges! He believes in this process he will learn more in the water sector.

Dr Indukanth Ragade speaks of water management, that would enable city and town dwellers (specially focusing on Chennai) to become self-reliant in water. Strategies for effective implementation of the water wisdom, planning efficient use, reuse, and recycle, conservation and sustainable way forward were discussed.

Man has landed on the moon and is looking for water in the outer space. “However,” Dr Indukanth Ragade stresses, “man is yet to find a way to manufacture water by an economic method.”

Mr Indukanth Ragade reminds us that 3% of all the water in the world available as freshwater to us, is enough if only managed wisely.

His presentation slides can be viewed here.