Clean arsenic-free drinking water for Punjab

In several districts of Punjab, the groundwater is unfit for drinking due to the presence of arsenic and iron contamination. The Government of Punjab through its Department of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS), is engaged in providing water through tap connection to every household in Punjab.

Based on the success of arsenic-remediation work done by our technology partners, Hydromaterials Pvt Ltd. using AMRIT (Arsenic and metal ion removal by Indian technology), the Government of Punjab awarded a project to IIT Madras in an on-going effort to make Punjab arsenic-free. Previously 95 household water treatment/purification units were implemented towards this goal.

The objective of the current project is to ensure that the people of Punjab have access to arsenic-free and iron-free drinking water within a short period with minimum maintenance and regular monitoring. ICCW is the implementing partner; fixing and commissioning of nanomaterial-based arsenic and iron material removal plants (AIRP) to be retrofitted in arsenic affected habitations of Punjab.


To understand more on the work done in Punjab: Watch this video>>