Implementation of CDI units for providing clean water for Telangana social & tribal welfare residential educational institutions societies

Considering socio-economic and educational backwardness of the Scheduled Caste (SC) communities the government of Telangana convinced that starting separate schools for these communities with no economic burden on them was the right measure to provide better access to quality education. Against this background, the government established Social Welfare Residential Schools in areas predominantly populated by the SC communities. Thus, came the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) under the Societies Act as an autonomous body.

The vision is to build an outstanding government educational institution which provides high quality holistic and value-based education to marginalized children on par with the other advantaged children in the country. This vision can be accomplished by the students in the comfortable environment surroundings created by the Government of Telangana with access to adequate clean natural resources, particularly clean water.

Against this background the TSWREIS, Government of Telangana has procured 67 units of drinking water purification systems from ICCW-IITM comprising of ultra-filtration based disinfection, Innodi CDI systems with pretreatment where RO systems do not exist and no RO systems can be used and Innodi CDI systems with existing pretreatment of RO units. The schools catering to around 10,000 students both boys and girls in the districts of Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar, Wanaparthy, Nagarkurnool, Jogulamaba(Gadwal), Hyderabad, Medchal and Vikarabad have been covered in this scheme. ICCW-IITM in association with our implementation partners G & G Consultants, Hyderabad have installed the first lot of 15 CDI units @ 100 litres per day and 400 litres per day and successfully delivering clean drinking water in the districts of Vikarabad in the schools located in Rajendra Nagar, near Hyderabad.

In addition to this ICCW-IITM conducted awareness sessions for the benefit of the students on water management particularly rainwater harvesting. The school management is interested in taking up initiatives on implementing rainwater harvesting systems and capacity-building measures on water management.

Precautions have been taken for reducing operation and maintenance of the CDI units using several innovative components such as mobile apps for monitoring, pretreatment filters and voltage stabilizers to avoid power fluctuations.

These initiatives have encouraged the school students to adopt innovative methods of managing the water resources in their premises. Some examples such as the use of water bottles to access clean drinking water from CDI units that will reduce spillage and wastage of groundwater otherwise and reuse the reject water for gardening purposes from the CDI units which are of permissible standards.