Incubation Hub

ICCW aims to attract bright entrepreneurial minds to translate cutting-edge research into products and services that will result in solving the many water problems faced today. Towards this, we conduct outreach programmes seeking applications from startups, students, academia, industry and practically any citizen, who is interested in making a difference. After initial screening, shortlisted applicants will be put through a boot camp to provide them with tools for business and social impact. Through a comprehensive technical and business mentoring, they will be helped to build a repeatable and scalable business model and assisted to go to market in a sustainable way.

Corporates interested in identifying emerging technologies are invited to fund these initiatives by contributing to any part of the Incubation Hub’s activities – Outreach, Boot Camp, Mentoring, Initial Funding, Pilot Production, Go to market etc.

Currently, ICCW through IIT Madras has an ongoing agreement with Akamai Technologies for conceptualising and executing their flagship Accelerator Program for social impact startups.
ICCW also has an agreement with Indus Water Institute for a joint accelerator program.

Akamai start-up accelerator programme 2nd Cohort

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