ICCW Signs an MoU with Stella Maris College

The International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW) is working on creating a reliable online database on groundwater quality across India. As a part of this project, ICCW has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Stella Maris College (SMC) on Feb 4, 2021. This is a joint initiative of the ICCW-IITM, Office of the State Groundwater and Surface water resources data Centre, Taramani Chennai, and Stella Maris College, Chennai.

ICCW and MSc Chemistry students of SMC guided by State Water resources Data Centre will be involved in the collection of groundwater from over 100 identified secure sources, conducting field and laboratory tests for quality and uploading the results onto the Cloud with geo-tags. ICCW has created a special mobile app for instant upload of field data onto the Cloud. 

The students will gain hands-on experience in water quality testing and analysis as well as how to collect and preserve samples for accurate results. This project will also help the students to complete their two-credit internship, which became a challenge during the pandemic. 

ICCW plans to approach interested organisations, including CSRs, to fund the creation of a nationwide, geo-temporal water quality database. The exercise needs to be repeated across the country and across seasons every year to capture trends and make the latest information available to stakeholders. 

“Water touches almost every activity we perform and hence a centralised reliable water quality database is a fundamental requirement.” E Nandakumar, CEO, ICCW said. “The initiative has potential to create awareness among the youth on water quality, besides providing employment and economic opportunities in remediation. This data will be correlated with health, economic and environmental indicators to manage water-borne diseases, climate change and livelihood of people. 

 “We are happy to collaborate with ICCW. The collaboration will provide students with an opportunity to understand the value and importance of clean water development through internship and to learn how to contribute to hygienic water resource management,” said Dr Sr. Rosy Joseph fmm, Principal, Stella Maris College.

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