Greywater from diverse sources - treating, recycling, reusing and safe-disposing possibilities

Development of a greywater recycling unit for domestic applications

This proposed proposal on wastewater handling and processing is one of the major area of focus in research. Apart from the development of various novel materials for the removal of wastewater contaminants in paintshop/paper/industrial wastewater, we have also started work in the direction of the development of greywater recycling unit for domestic applications. The major outcome of this project will be a prototype of water treatment unit for water containing soap (mainly from bathroom and washing machine and hand wash sinks). The proposed unit will be based on a copyright technology developed at IIT Madras. Design under development will be of a smaller size to fit in bathroom or other suitable places as per the user requirement. A suitable plan for the maintenance of units without user intervention will be developed and tested as a part of this project. A budget of ~105 lakhs for a project of two years is expected to accomplish this target.