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Kamalesh Chaudhari
Principal Scientist
Dr Kamalesh Chaudhari is the Principal Scientist, currently working on the development of arsenic and fluoride sensors for water quality analysis. His interests include sensors for water quality analysis and IoT in water purification systems.

Dr Kamalesh Chaudhari is an MSc graduate, IIT Kharagpur, and a PhD from IIT Madras. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

He has contributed in the execution and management of India-UK and India-Germany collaborative research projects on the development of sensors for water quality testing. He has also developed three different imaging techniques and related image processing software for the in-depth studies of interactions between plasmonic nanoparticles and mammalian cells. He has developed research-grade bacteria and mammalian cell culture facility at DSTUNS, IIT Madras.
He has 18 research publications in international journals with >900 citations (h index: 12).

Dr Kamalesh has authored this book: Principles and applications of medical nanotechnology devices (1st Edition), Kamalesh Chaudhari, Swathi Rachapudi and Chandra Prakash Sharma, in Drug Delivery Nanosystems for Biomedical Applications Chandra Prakash Sharma (Ed), Elsevier, 2018.

Twitter: @kamaleshDMC

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