Dr. T. N. V. V. Rao
Project Advisor
Dr. T. N. V. V. Rao is the Project Advisor.

He is a doctorate in Environmental Chemistry from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and an M.B.A. in Operations with over 27 years of experience in Water Purification Technologies and related business development.

He is a member of water-related technical committees (CII, BIS, WQA, etc.). He is actively involved in the development of standards for RO water purifier, microbiological standard and convenor for developing a standard for arsenic, fluoride and nitrate purification devices. He has also worked on water treatment technologies like UV, NF, RO, Nanotechnology, and CDI.
He is also an expert in providing support in Zero Liquid Discharge, doing water quality analysis, designing drinking water treatment technologies, STP & ETP, conducting water audits, and providing training programs for water treatment.

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