Cowlagi Sripati
Expert Engineer
Mr Cowlagi Sripati is an Expert Engineer, working in clean water and wastewater management across the industry, community, municipal, and domestic sectors towards improving water-use efficiency.

He is in project management, advisory services, knowledge management, policy development and revenue generation at the centre. He is interested in project stakeholder management, skill, curriculum development, training and capacity building.

He has developed participatory approaches with several stakeholders of the government (Central and State), industry, and community. He has contributed as Team Lead in reducing water pollution by 35% in industrial areas of Delhi and improved the efficiency of performance of CETPs in the city of Delhi. He implemented sustainability standards for Planning and Retrofitting of Industrial Areas in Delhi.

He contributed to improvement by 30% in cleaner production and resource efficiency in MSMEs and developed concessionaire for the management of industrial areas. He also developed digital outputs on layout, physical and social infrastructure of industrial areas. He has developed Skills handbook on wastewater for operators/technicians of ETPs/CETPs. He trained 5000 operators, technicians, helpers, chemists, supervisors, managers, executives. He also implemented over 150 water audits, translating to 90 billion cubic meter water-saving projects. He has contributed to the amendment of National Water policy 2012.

He is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from MIT Manipal, a post-graduate in Energy Engineering and vocational training and education from DWA German Association for Water, wastewater and waste.
He is based in Chennai India. He is a professional percussionist in Carnatic music.

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