Dr Marta I. Litter
Prof Marta Litter is the head of the Chemistry Division of Environmental Remediation of the National Atomic Energy Commission, a senior researcher at CONICET and a full professor at UNSAM.

Her interests include water, air and soil treatments contaminated by chemical processes, the application of advanced oxidation and reduction processes including the use of nanostructured iron materials for the removal of chromium, arsenic, lead, uranium, nitrate, and other contaminants.

She is the author of more than two hundred articles in international scientific journals with peer recognition. Among other distinctions, her works earned her the MERCOSUR Prize for Science and Technology in 2006 and 2011.

She has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires. She completed a postdoctoral degree in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Arizona (United States).

Read more about her here.

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