Marc Anderson
Dr. Marc Anderson is acting as Advisor of the Electrochemical Processes Unit at IMDEA Energy with special emphasis on energy storage for renewable energy systems and applications to energy-efficient water desalination.

He is in charge of the development of nanoporous materials from sol-gel chemistry as well as collecting the necessary know-how concerning the transport of both electrons and ions that dictate the performance of battery and ultracapacitor systems. He is also developing energy-efficient materials and devices and novel methods of regeneration for water desalination processes based on nanostructured materials applied to Capacitive Deionization (CD) or electro-sorption. Over his career in academia, Professor Anderson’s Research projects have been funded by National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, Sea Grant, NASA, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Research.

He has been for more than 24 years Full Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Materials Science Program and Professor and Chair of Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program.  He got his PhD at Johns Hopkins University in 1974.

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