For improved recycling and water harvesting

Water audit at Wheels India

ICCW conducted water balance study and identified water saving opportunities for automobile components factory, Wheels India at Padi, Chennai. The company has initiated several water saving measures such water metering at all source & consumption points, demarcation of process, utilities, domestic and irrigation consumption, recycling of ETP treated water through RO and multiple effect evaporator for paint shop process water, recycling of STP treated water for gardening and green belt development.


The water balance audit presented

  • The water balance showing the combined input of freshwater, ETP and STP, indicating the breakup for fresh water consumed and reuse for gardening and roof cooling.
  • The optimisation of treated water consumed in development of green belt.
  • Reduction in freshwater consumption by 10% which is around 40 m3/day of total fresh water consumed through changes in faucets and fixtures.
  • Redirecting Softeners regeneration water to raw water sump instead of the ETP.
  • At a freshwater cost of Rs 90/m3, the potential savings is Rs 10.8 lakhs per year.
  • Identified measures for reducing the cost of treatment in ETP by treating the effluent from paint shops locally and take only the rejects to ETP for treatment.
  • Indirect saving of around 34% of freshwater by substitution of fresh water by STP treated water in cooling towers