17 Jun: Rainwater Harvesting – Need, Relevance and Importance

Dr Sekhar Raghavan delivered the following presentation during the webinar series conducted by ICCW on June 4, 2020.

04 Jun: Our only planet

Greetings to you on the World Environment Day! The theme of the World Environment Day 2020 is, “Time for Nature”. It is time to celebrate nature, its diversity. Even the smallest species on the planet need your care. ‘Concern for the other’ is, in fact, greatest human characteristic. It is embedded in democracy. One day…

28 May: Unite for the thirsty planet

Every drop of natural freshwater we enjoy comes from the rain. Most of the rain falls roughly around the same time, almost at the same measure globally, with occasional spatial and temporal variations. All the life forms of the planet live on this. Rain is indeed our mother, it nourishes everything. Life on land exists…

23 Apr: The Choice

We live in a connected world, not just digitally but also physically. Look no further than Covid-19. In a connected world, you damage one part and you damage the whole. For centuries, we have been damaging the parts in our “pursuit of happiness”. Now the truth has hit. We are one. We are connected! The…

19 Apr: Analysis – An Essential Component of Environmental Studies

Living in times of Covid-19 has ensured that people around the globe understand the importance of ‘testing’. Just as treatment depends on confirming the presence of pathogen in a patient sample, ‘analysis’ or ‘testing’ of water quality is a key pre-requisite for myriad activities, be it treatment of wastewater, or identifying the most relevant technologies…

05 Apr: Water resources security mapping for Rameswaram island

The activity of water resources security mapping aimed to enhance the understanding of water The water resources security mapping activity conducted at the Rameswaram municipality, Thangachimadam and Pamban panchayats established a rapid assessment framework and development of an action plan for implementation. The framework brought out the physical status of the available water resources, current…