Prototyping Lab

Prototyping lab is equipped with all essential electrical components, other consumables, big tools and different types of 3-D printing filaments that are needed for various research projects on the domains of sensor technology and prototype development that is carried out at ICCW. All the consumables are well organized in the labelled boxes of relevance, maintained in their respective cabinets which are monitored through an online and an offline inventory management registry. The prototyping laboratory is also equipped with a computer facility that supports 3-D printing activities and the laboratory’s inventory updation and monitoring.

Flashforge Creator 3D printer
Prototyping Lab2
Flashforge Creator 3D printer
Prototyping Lab1

Flashforge Creator 3D printer facility has sturdy frames, enclosed build chambers, and the ability to print a wide range of functional materials like PLA, ABS, PC, WPS, etc with a hot-end that goes up to 300°C.