ICCW Story

The ICCW Story

Water is the essence of life. Water is change. It transforms communities, economies and is vital for development. It is a rejuvenating life source for humans and all other life forms. Water is the world. The International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW) is a realization of these maxims. The Centre manifests a dream of clean water available to everyone, a future where younger generations can build careers on water, working towards water security. This is a bold vision, one that demands courage, strength, and conviction. The vision for the Centre was met with a lot of skepticism and appeared impossible until April 19, 2017, when Professor T Pradeep, the chief architect of the ICCW, met with the renowned business icon and eminent banker, Shri Deepak Parekh.

On January 28, 2018, HT Parekh Foundation granted support to IITM to establish ICCW. Following this, the IITM Board of Governors permitted its creation & the society was registered on June 25, 2018, under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act.

Without the indispensable and path-breaking gift from the HT Parekh Foundation, the ICCW would not exist or attempt to transform India and the world’s water reality. Subsequently, after intense deliberations, the location was narrowed down to the IITM Research Park – an ecosystem where Startups, Corporates, and many Centres of Excellence co-exist.

“Much more work is needed to take advanced materials and associated technologies to water and environment in general,” says Pradeep pointing into the future.

ICCW has successfully completed many projects and has more ongoing, working with a range of partners and facilitating the growth of start-ups. Additionally, engaging with students, water professionals and the public at large, to generate awareness and bring the mission to fruition.

With more support and funding, we anticipate a positive impact on the world and the realm of water.