With the best water professionals and the world-class lab facilities, ICCW offers water solutions for various state governments and central government departments.  Some of the solutions we offer are capacity building for government officials, training in water quality analysis and plant operation & maintenance support for government departments like public health engineering departments (PHED), Department of Water Supply and Sanitation(DWSS).

ICCW also offers

  • Implementation of emerging technologies that are affordable and sustainable for arsenic and fluoride remediation
  • Water resources security mapping for various districts with Water Security Index and intervention options
  • Geo-temporal groundwater quality mapping and cloud data storage. Data Analytics
  • Establishment of centres of excellence in research, quality and capacity building including rain centres for rainwater harvesting
  • Ensure real-time measurement and monitoring of water service delivery
  • IEC activities for creating awareness and driving behavioural change in water conservation, hygiene and sanitation
  • Technologies for robotic raw water and wastewater pipeline inspection systems for leak detection and minimising non-revenue water
  • Technological inputs for policy change
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