Develop scientific ideas, solve industrial challenges, and expand water-research horizons

ICCW has advanced technical and scientific expertise in all areas related to clean water. Our water technologies, solutions and related research focus on the most challenging problems facing every section of our society.

ICCW promotes and develops collaborative research projects – to understand the challenges, to suit the demands, to enhance the economic benefits and to meet the environmental regulations while maintaining the health benefits and each project is a comprehensive plan leading to these goals. Global management of projects, easy access to resources, innovation-driven research problems, collective learning leading to water leaders of tomorrow and business incubation with the objective of global sustainability are the hallmarks of our ecosystem.

Interdisciplinary projects are coordinated within ICCW with industrial and academic partners both national and international.

Research on advanced materials, sensors, preserving indigenous knowledge and water resources, studies of water use patterns, assessment of risks to health and environment and methods to mitigate them, recycling and reuse and recalcitrant pollutants in the ecosystem are some of the ongoing projects now.

Our areas of research
  • Advanced materials
  • Nanochemistry for water technologies
  • Sensors
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Solar thermal and other desalination methods
  • Greywater recycling
  • Atmospheric water harvesting
  • Mapping water resources
  • Development of analytical protocols
  • Efficient industrial water solutions
  • Recycling waste-water from automobile paint industry
  • Treatment of ‘pulp stream water’
  • Reducing water discharge from the food industry


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