Consultancy, technology interventions, sustainable operations and management

ICCW, an IITM-initiated organization, is an arm that works through research organizations, academic institutions and government agencies. Implementable solutions are designed and executed by the skilled resources at ICCW. Micro-projects to large-scale assignments are undertaken, independently or on partnerships, often culminating in policy interventions.

At ICCW we have 3 implementation models:

  1. Undertake projects by ICCW’s in-house expertise.
  2. Tie-up with start-ups, such as VayuJal, InnoDI and others depending upon the problem.
  3. Our technologies can be implemented by other players through affordable licensing models.
  • Water Management and Planning (WMP)
  • Delivering Vayujal, CDI technology & AMRIT (Anion and Metal ions Removal Indian Technology)
  • Technology support
  • Sustainable O&M
  • STP (Sewage Treatment Planning)
  • Monitoring – inline metering, quality measurement, pressure regulation, leak detection
  • Certification of products, technologies and human resources


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