Partnering with industries, ICCW shapes the path of delivering clean water through sustainable methods. For this, ICCW brings together scientific minds across the globe to converge under one roof and develop integrated water research, develop technologies and help industries to build a comprehensive water ecosystem.

We offer

  • Water audit and water management studies with a focus on reducing water consumption
  • Decentralised wastewater recycling systems for greater water recovery and reduction in effluent treatment plant(ETP) costs, for instance, printshop water recycling in automobile industries
  • Training and capacity building for self-water audits, sewage treatment plants (STP) and ETP operations, remote sensing and optimisation of plant operations
  • Collaborative problem solving through research, analysis, computer modelling and simulation with IP sharing.
  • Comprehensive water quality assessment of industrial areas that have a potential of significant impact such as mining operations, cement plants, power plants with recommendations for rehabilitation of affected colonies
  • Consortia membership for special access to research and analysis facilities and first information on new technologies
  • Implementation of CSR projects for community drinking water solutions, piloting technology innovations in the field
  • Opportunity to partner in hackathons for accelerator programs to identify promising startups. Boot camps for entrepreneurial input, technical and business mentoring, demo day and pitching sessions for investment